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General Informations

Every Character has 6 Transformations before Reborn and 10 Transformations after reborn, they all have uniques Techniques. To check ur Techniques you need to write in chat " !spells " or just check it on our website

You can check your Stats and Information of your character with command " !info "
Your equipment is protected all the way to level 150. From then on you can risk losing your loot.
The Necklace which protects your loot is the Brolly Necklace, you can buy it with command " !bol " or from npc Others

What does give PREMIUM ACCOUNT?

Pacc gives you 10% more exprience

You Can use Checkpoint-System

You can take a part in 31 Days Arena!

You have bigger refil of Stamina from Fountain


If you have a guild with more than 3 members, you can claim rewards by entering the command

Teleport Machine

You can use the Capsule * The teleportation machine is located in the depot *

Instant Task

From the start you have many Tasks to do, you can find the list on our website ! After a finished Task you can return to Depot and go to the 1st floor, there u can find 2 Teleports and 2 reward chests.

After entering the teleport u will be instantly teleported to fight vs Task Boss (you can check the loot on the website)


When u kill the Boss u can take your reward from the Chest

The items are instantly teleported to your depot locker.


Minimum reborn level is 800 and maximal reborn level 1250.
When we reach level 1250, we can do a reborn. We have to collect 7 dragon balls on the earth. After reborn, the level resets but mana and health remain, and the damage is much higher. It also unlocks new transformations, spells and maps

Tutorial on how to make a reborn can be found here.


On the server, we have autoloot, which can be activated by clicking the pear icon in the top right corner. Then, in Search items, we type the name of the item we're looking for and add it with the plus sign


On the server, we have 6 dungeons that we can do once every 20 hours. To go to a dungeon, we type !dungeon and we need the appropriate amount of MVP coins

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