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How To Start

We start the game at level 1 in dp and it's best to start with 2 tasks, the wolf task and the bandit task. We start with the wolf task and leave dp. We have a grate to the channels where the wolf and dino are located. By the way, we waste ki (mana) with the "power down" spell

On the server, we have auto loot. By typing the !autoloot command, we add werewolf fur that drops from wolf. We will need 10 for a mission at Verte.

After killing 15 wolf, we go to dp+1 where we can defeat the animal boss as a reward. The animal boss is strong, so before entering, set the healing spell "power up" and the attack spell "ki blast

We enter the room and fight with the big dinosaur. After defeating it, we must return to the same place and click on the box with the word refund

For defeating the boss, we will receive a bit of experience and 5 dollars which are in our "depo" box."

With the first earned dollars, we can buy a Ki Band from NPC Others, which regenerates 500 Ki per sec. We write to NPC "hi, trade" and search for the Ki Band."

Then we go down and right from the DP to complete the second task, this time the Bandit Task, we have to defeat 30 bandits"

We can loot Bandit Bandana from the bandits, so it's worth adding them to !autoloot: Bandit Bandana, Green Bandit Bandana, and Blue Bandit Bandana. You can check all monster loot on the website. We equip the bandanas in the second equipment slot by clicking above Backpack II"

From level 30, we will receive a new attacking spell, so it's worth checking by typing !spells or on the website "profession" and a new healing spell "Mega Power Up At level 50, we can transform our character with the command "transform". Additionally, we receive a spell for PvP wave After killing 30 bandits, we return to DP +1 to fight the Big Bandit boss of the bandits. After killing the boss, we collect the reward from the refund chest By the way, if we collected 10 werewolf furs, we can turn them in to Verte by writing "hi, mission, yes, mission, yes". The next mission is quite simple so we can do it quickly, head down right from the DP to kill the Thief and drop the Thief Hammer

Additionally, on the server, we have an essence system. After killing a monster, a blue or golden question mark may appear. Just stand on it and wait for 2 seconds to receive exp from the yellow one and stamina from the blue one

After obtaining the Thief Hammer, we return to Verte and write "hi, mission, yes". The next mission is to obtain 10 Saibamen's Hearts, we will do it later. In the meantime, we go down one floor and head to the machine located down-right from the stairs in the DP

We mark the planet Namek and click "go!" Then, we descend from the buildings to the bottom and enter the canals. Our goal is to do the Namekjin task, we have to kill 30 Namekjin."

We add Alchemy Box, Dollar, Dirty Green Paper, and Ki Potion to the autoloot. At level 100 we get the spell area which requires 40 ki level, that's why we used "power down" After kill 30 Namekians, we can return and defeat the boss Next, we go to the NPC 'Others', type "hi, trade", and search for the Black Capsule. We will need 5 of them because there will already be a lot of drops here We can go to the new island "Shamosei" or return to Namek because we can repeat the tasks

On Shamosei, we must defeat 50 Freezers and Coolers. It's worth adding to the autoloot: Freezer's Blood, Battle Legs, Battle Boots, Battle Shirt, Crystal Sword, White Glove, Sun Ki, Green Ki, and BlasterAt level 150, we have another transformation. Type the command "transform" After defeating 50 Freezers, we can return to Earth for the boss. Along the way, we can sell the items we have collected to NPC "Armor", we can sell the Battle Armory. To NPC "Others", we can sell Freezer's Blood, I recommend leaving 35 for the Verte mission. At NPC "Weapon", we can sell the Blaster, Green Ki, Sun Ki, Crystal, and Big Swords

With the earned dollars, we can buy some health potions from NPC "Others". The Health potion heals 25% of our health Until level 350, you focus on killing Freezers and Coolers, turn in tasks, sell loot, and earn as much gold as possible At levels 250, 350, and 500, you have additional transformations. The command is "transform" At level 350, we receive the Blue Paper and Broken Saiyan Boots. Be careful not to sell them because they are necessary to make the Saiyan Boots which will help us level up. If we already have level 350, we return to DP +1 and have the Crafting Table. Right-click on it and select "Crafting Items", find the Saiyan Boots, and click "Craft

At level 350, we go for the daily task from NPC "Daily", which is located on top of DP

To NPC Daily, we write "hi, mission" and have three options 250, 500, and 1000. I recommend starting with 250. We'll also do the daily arena by going up the stairs to NPC "Arener", writing "hi, arena", and choosing daily.

At level 400, we receive a blind card. After opening it, we receive a random color card with a random bonus such as Lifesteal, Ki DMG, Melee DMG, Cap, Speed, Exp, and Splash. After opening, we may receive a [Back] Pink Card. By clicking on it with both the right and left mouse buttons, the bonus will be revealed. The cards can also be upgraded by obtaining 2 of the same color. We will then upgrade the card to level 2, and then 2 cards of level 2 and so on. More information about the cards can be found on the website "general information"

At level 500, we must complete all the missions for Verte because we will receive a new area spell After completing the Verte missions, we move on to the Ancient Ring Quest If you haven't used boosts, you already have 3 that give a really big bonus, additionally, you can order an EXP card from the item shop

Open all Alchemy boxes and make potions for EXP The alchemist is located on the right-top of the earth DP. We have to go to the NPC "Albert" and buy empty Alchemy Glass. The recipes for potions can be found on the website "Alchemy&Enchanting" We buy Alchemy Glass and go up the stairs to +1.

Now you can go to Namek Island and buy Senzu from the NPC "Senzu Seller," located in the top-left corner house

Next, we go to Zuna Island to reach level 800 remember to turn on the barrier or buy barrier band If you already have level 800, you must do the transformation quest. There is a guide on the website quest,last transform. Next, you can start the sagas, they give quite a lot of EXP, but it's not worth doing them alone because they have too much HP. It's best to gather people from the DBSF Global chat and trade, or type "!teamsaga" Time for better items, go to the Alchemy NPC "Albert" located upper right on the ground and buy 25 small diamonds

I'll show you a secret EXP spot, but don't tell anyone. Let's go to the Monars planet Go up the stairs and go to the NPC "Alers". Type "hi, yes, give" to access the Mystic Saiyan spot. We will loot blue boosters and collectors from them. One item requires 10 boosters and 5 collectors.

When we reach level 1250, we can do a reborn. We have to collect 7 dragon balls on the earth. After reborn, the level resets but mana and health remain, and the damage is much higher. It also unlocks new transformations and abilities quest, reborn

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