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How To Skill

We start the game with a 10 level skill on the server. Besides the level, we have 7 skills approximately, and I will try to describe all of them starting from the ki level.
The ki level determines the damage of our spells and a certain ki level is required to use spells.
The Glove/Sword/Distance skill is available for three weapon types: glove, sword, and distance. For example, when attacking with gloves, we level up our glove skill, which increases our damage with gloves.
The next skill is defence, which corresponds to resistance against physical attacks. The last skill is critical, which can be leveled up after completing the quest.
Critical corresponds to critical damage with weapons dist/glove/sword

The most important skill to practice is attack speed, which can be trained using a band found in our backpack at the beginning of the game

To practice attack speed, we need to remove the weapons and put the band on our left or right hand, then go to the training room located above the starting point

We go to the training room and enter the teleport, then approach an empty spot near the "training bag" and right-click. The server has offline skill, so you can turn off the client

On our server, we can upgrade attack speed band, every level increases our exercise attack speed speed
To upgrade the attack speed band, we equip it on the arrow slot, go to the DP +1, and approach the crafting table. We right-click with the mouse and select "Weapon Upgrade". For the first level, we only need 10 dollars

With each upgrade, the amount of money and upgrades will increase, the maximum level is +10
By clicking on the band with the second mouse button, we can check how much time we still need for the next skill level.

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